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mindful movement & somatic support to power a more joyful life

I work one-on-on, in person and online, to help folks get out of pain, breathe easier, and feel better in their bodies and minds.

All bodies are good bodies: I welcome the body you are in without judgmentI am size-inclusive: HAES-friendly, fat-accepting, & weight-neutral.

I offer unconventional, accessible, trauma-informed strength, movement, mindfulness & embodiment support through an anti-oppressive lens.

Each session is unique to meet the individual’s needs: we use a variety of tools and methods to support overall wellness.

These practices are designed to be affirming for those who feel they are not welcome or comfortable in traditional “fitness” spaces: fat, trans, queer, & people with disabilities, among others.

Each client is supported with attuned presence and care. Read more about how and why this works.

strength, movement & mindfulness for stress, anxiety & trauma recovery

yoga for mind-body wellness and wholeness

Factors such as past trauma, oppression, and systemic stress hold us in protective patterns. At some point, we may recognize that these are no longer helpful; we may find ourselves in chronic pain; we may feel “stuck” in our talk therapy; we’re tired of feeling like our body is a problem. Mindful movement and somatic practices are often the missing piece to explore, unwind, and break through the physical and mental barriers that are holding us back.

Click here to read more about why mindful movement matters.

It’s more than personal training, yoga, or corrective/therapeutic exercise; this is one-on-one relational support that picks up where traditional modalities leave off.

“There’s a huge difference between ‘all are welcome’ and ‘this was created with you in mind’.” – Dr. Crystal Jones

My professional education (over 100 hours of continued training each year) is not just in strength or mobility modalities, corrective exercise, or physiology, but in the ways in which our bodies, nervous systems, and psyches intertwine to form our experience. This means that whether my clients are working on strength or mobility training, nervous system support, rehabilitation or therapeutic exercises, we are able to work on many levels at the same time, making new connections and fostering healthy transformation in surprising ways. Click here to read more & schedule a session.

the support your body and mind need.

Through mindful strength & movement practices, you can create space to breathe better, find your “lost” energy, get out of your worrying mind and even sleep better.
It is a creative, fun, and effective way to support your system for more ease in your life. Click here to read more & schedule a session.

about laura

I was not an athletic kid.
I loved to read and climb trees, but my attempts to play sports left me feeling confused and uncoordinated. My first yoga class overwhelmed me with feelings of well-being and hope. Today, I’m a very athletic and coordinated adult and, more importantly, a happy human being. Read more.

 online studio classes

Want to practice with me online?
My online subscription site gives you unlimited access to pre-recorded functional movement, meditation, gada flow, slow flow, mindful vinyasa, chair, gentle, and yinrestorative classes. Click here to start your free trial!

Laura is a wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced teacher. She has worked to address my weaknesses and enhance my strengths in a way that strikes a careful balance between movement and strengthening technique so as not to cause damage or injury. I believe yoga has changed my life. 


private client

She is so knowledgeable about anatomy and range of motion in the various yoga poses. She offers several ways to do the postures so they are accessible for all body types and levels of ability. Laura is a strong proponent of body positivity and she welcomes and celebrates everybody.



private client

It’s almost immediately obvious that she has an expert understanding of yoga and body connections. She combines this technical knowledge with a pleasant teaching demeanor and a very intuitive sense of what her student needs.



private client

I’ve been having sessions with Laura for a few months now and after every session I feel nourished! She is great at working with your trauma and your body in a safe way.


There’s no “push push gimme 1000 sit ups” stuff. I can’t quite describe the joy, wealth and healing I get from the sessions.


I’m getting better at tuning in and listening to my body. When in life to we get to practice that???

Like a lot of folks I have a lot of trauma in my body. I have high anxiety levels. I’ec got various injuries and health challenges with my body that stop me at times from being able to work, exercise or walk even. Laura helps me find a way through and find strength, hope, ease and peace. Thank you so much Laura. I’m enjoying working out again and enjoying being in my body injuries and all!


Sabira Jade, personal client

For anyone thinking about doing a private session with Laura, I strongly recommend it. I have been doing a weekly session and it’s been great. We do a combination of yoga, with and without the steel mace, plus some elements of Kinstretch. Laura tailors the practice to my needs each week. I feel safe since it’s just the two of us in the studio with plenty of room for proper distancing. Having the chance for in-person interaction is also very therapeutic. It has been one of the highlights of my week, and is helping me to cope in this Covid world.

Wendy Keller

One of the gifts that has come from this Covid year has been the opportunity to work with you 1 to 1. Every time we meet you ask how I’m feeling (and get way too much information) then you mindfully begin asking me to move with the body I’ve got. You always surprise me with your knowledge and attention to the issues I’m working with, all the while making exercise playful and fun …not at all the routine I’m used to. I leave our time together feeling stronger and more grounded than when I arrived. This feeling stays with me for days.

Missy C

“In Laura Wenger I have found the perfect combination of creativity, compassion, acceptance and encouragement. She has helped me to create a 61 year old body that can move and stretch in ways never imagined.”



“Laura is one of the best yoga teachers I have had the pleasure of attending class with. Class with her is never dull or repetitive. She gives options for every level practitioner so you never feel left out. Not to mention throwing exciting, fun new poses out there to try while giving awesome cues to help you get into something you thought was impossible.”

-Kirsten C

“Laura took an enthusiastically hopeful, fearfully apprehensive, dreadfully insecure yoga newbie-wanna-be practitioner and turned her into a confident, excited, heart-honoring, yes, I’ll try that pose that used to terrify me kind of yogi!  Her teaching style is enthusiastic and gentle, compassionate and energetic, respectful and light-hearted, professional and humble…all accompanied by a fabulous soundtrack.  One private class with Laura gave me that yoga “ah-ha!” I was searching for.  Now I take as many of her classes as I can, and I recommend her to as many people as I can get to listen to me!”

-Debi B

Laura’s soothing voice and loving, calm demeanor will help bring zen to the most stressed out among us.  Her informed alignment cues and modifications for every body type will help you make intelligent choices in your practice to leave you feeling a million times better when you step off your mat.  She is the perfect example of a teacher that lives her yoga both on and off the mat and will inspire you to follow her lead in yoga and in life.

Tara Zweben

Community Outreach Coordinator, United Way of Martin County