learn from laura

I help everyday people restore healthy movement & mind-body awareness.

I am a certified mobility coach,
trauma-informed yoga teacher and personal trainer.

I teach skills for strength, mobility, and embodied resilience to handle life’s challenges.

All bodies are welcome and each is appreciated for its unique history and strengths.

private sessions to support your body & mind

Now, more than ever, we need connection and resources for support. Social isolation, uncertainties around the future, and concerns for health and well-being are affecting us all. It can feel as though we are standing on shaky ground.

I offer private sessions, in person with safe social distancing measures, or online, to support your body and mind. Yoga and mindful movement can help you to move stuck energy and feel better in your body. My clients also learn practical, immediate mind-body techniques to handle the challenges of our lives, so you can get your feet under you more firmly again. Click here to read more & schedule a session.

trauma-informed movement sessions

Trauma, stress, and anxiety live in our bodies. This is true for all of us, no matter what our past is. Through movement, you can create space to breathe better, find your “lost” energy, get out of your worrying mind and even sleep better. Trauma-informed movement might include yoga, dance, strength work, breathing, or rest. It is a creative, fun, and effective way to learn resources to regulate your system so that you can better manage the natural turbulence in your life. Click here to read more & schedule a session.


FRA mobility assessment & coaching

My specialized movement assessment & coaching sessions teach tools to help you move better and feel better in your body.
Using the evidence-backed, time-proven techniques of Functional Range Systems, we can work together to get your hip (or neck, or whole body) finally moving the way you want it to. These are the methods I use myself to stay pain-free, mobile and healthy. Click here to read more & schedule a session.

about Laura

I was not an athletic kid. I loved to read and climb trees, but my attempts to play sports left me feeling confused and uncoordinated. My first yoga class overwhelmed me with feelings of well-being and hope. Today, I’m a very athletic and coordinated adult and, more importantly, a happy human being. Read more.

online studio classes

Practice with me online (one week free trial!) with my growing library of functional movement, meditation, gada flow, slow flow, mindful vinyasa, chair, gentle, and yinrestorative classes. You’re encouraged to pay what you can by choosing the Base Rate ($10/month), Supporter Rate ($20/month), or Patron Rate ($30/month). I want these practices to be accessible. Paying more if you’re able helps me to maintain my business and community, and to offer equity pricing to those who couldn’t otherwise afford to practice.


In Laura Wenger I have found the perfect combination of creativity, compassion, acceptance and encouragement. She has helped me to create a 61 year old body that can move and stretch in ways never imagined.



“Laura brings her entire being to the mat. Her yoga classes are an eclectic mix of ‘into the soul’ reaching insights, spiritual lessons from the Yoga Sutras, funny witty comments complete with sighs and silliness.  Laura reaches deeps inside and shares her fears, her happiness and her life.  She lives her yoga and her passion is genuine.  She feels the room, tunes into her students’ needs and makes adjustments with a gentle touch. Whether a Restorative Yin with her soothing words helping as your fascia releases,  a Slow Flow Vinyasa with long holds, but helpful reminders to adjust your alignment, or a Hot Vinyasa with a fun playlist, Laura will make you forget whatever was on your mind before class and bring you to your mat.  So if you want to come to your mat with an instructor who lives her yoga, come to a class with Laura Wenger. See you on the mat soon! Namaste.”

-Jann Dolk

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Laura as a student, a teacher, and an administrator. In each of these roles, she is consistently engaged, engaging, open and friendly. Her skills working with people, tailoring lessons to individuals and individual circumstances are exceptional. She is knowledgeable, creative, well prepared, and very reliable in all of my experiences with her. I recommend her without reservation and a great deal of enthusiasm.”

-George Hughes

Tergar International Instructor

“Laura is the most natural yoga instructor I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  Her comfort and warmth comes through in each class.  Her ability to show each student individual and personal attention with ease is a gift.  You leave the class feeling great all over and look forward to the next experience.”  

-Kathi G

“Laura is one of the best yoga teachers I have had the pleasure of attending class with. Class with her is never dull or repetitive. She gives options for every level practitioner so you never feel left out. Not to mention throwing exciting, fun new poses out there to try while giving awesome cues to help you get into something you thought was impossible.”

-Kirsten C

I love your class for so many reasons but particularly because of your sensitivity and authenticity. Your dynamic is so holistic and genuine.  May your gifts continue to touch the lives of your students as they have touched me. Continued blessings.”

-Liz H

“Laura is an AMAZING teacher. I recommend her 3 or 4 times a week to friends and people I meet! She always makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. I have been fortunate to work with her one-on-one in a private class and I am a regular at her Vinyasa classes. Since I started working with Laura my practice has gone to an entirely new level. She has shown me that I have the tools to build up to stronger poses and greater flexibility. I never would have believed I could do the things I am now able to do! Words can’t explain what yoga has done for my life in the past year.  Laura has been an important part of the experience.”

–Michael Izzolo

owner of Michael Leonard’s Salon and inventor of the YogaEasy

“Laura took an enthusiastically hopeful, fearfully apprehensive, dreadfully insecure yoga newbie-wanna-be practitioner and turned her into a confident, excited, heart-honoring, yes, I’ll try that pose that used to terrify me kind of yogi!  Her teaching style is enthusiastic and gentle, compassionate and energetic, respectful and light-hearted, professional and humble…all accompanied by a fabulous soundtrack.  One private class (so far) with Laura gave me that yoga “ah-ha!” I was searching for.  Now I take as many of her classes as I can, and I recommend her to as many people as I can get to listen to me!”

-Debi B

“Laura’s soothing voice and loving, calm demeanor will help bring zen to the most stressed out among us.  Her informed alignment cues and modifications for every body type will help you make intelligent choices in your practice to leave you feeling a million times better when you step off your mat.  She is the perfect example of a teacher that lives her yoga both on and off the mat and will inspire you to follow her lead in yoga and in life.“

-Tara Zweben

Community Outreach Coordinator, United Way of Martin County