This Week’s Yoga Classes: A Look Back

Stan and Mo participating in Friday-afternoon class planning
Stan and Mo participating in Friday-afternoon class planning
Stan and Mo participating in Friday-afternoon class planning

I’m a bit uninspired for this week’s post- I’ve got several half-formed ideas, but nothing that’s really “ready” yet to say. So I thought I’d share with you a few moments of the past week as a newbie “full-time” teacher:

  • Music Challenge #1: Accidentally had playlist on shuffle. Again. Found ourselves listening to MC Yogi’s Shanti (Peace Out) during the first sun salutation. Quick dash to the iPhone…
  • Music Challenge #2: Made a playlist before listening to all the songs all the way through. Some of that Icelanding post-rock stuff is a little dark. Oops. As we made our way through a warm-up cat-cow, I could feel the mood around me growing heavier and more suicidal. ARGH! Another quick dash to the iPhone for something a little fluffier.
  • Not Even a Challenge, But a Music Flop: Created a playlist with some big band music, some swing music, a little jazz, and a remix of a song called “Fried Neckbones and Some Homefries.” I’m pretty sure most people pretty much despised it, but I did hear afterward that at least one person enjoyed it (no, I’m not counting myself. For my part, I never want to hear “The Girl From Ipanema” again).
  • Read a poem in class that I’m really loving: Shake The Dust by Anis Mojgani. Felt some trepidation in sharing- it felt risky- but got good feedback and handed out several copies of the text. Also got some good (helpful) criticism- slow down when you read. Noted and thanks.
  • Taught a class that I thought went pretty badly- completely forgot to bring notes on the sequence so made it up on the fly- played the wrist-slicing music- and afterward someone said to me, “That was my favorite of all the classes I’ve taken from you.” Perhaps it’s time I gave up on trying to judge the experience. Clearly you never know what someone is going to take from it.
  • Taught two really nice Yin/Restorative classes- these are always a little challenging because the mood is so… introspective. I find it hard to gauge the reaction of the students. Sometimes they look miserable- but that might be just what they need to be feeling just then. I had a vulnerable moment in class when I told them that I have found myself getting weepy in Wide-Legged Forward Fold… (don’t knock it till you’ve been there. Hips are INTENSE). As soon as I said it, I felt a little silly.  But, wait for it- this was the best moment of the week- a student came up to me after class and thanked me for validating what she has felt in the same posture. Ahhhhh! That’s what it’s all about.

So there it is. Week 2 behind me. I’m getting good at taking naps in the middle of the day so that I have energy to teach at both 7 AM and 6 PM. And I’m learning (I hope) from each mistake so that I can share more effectively this thing that I love.

One thought on “This Week’s Yoga Classes: A Look Back

  1. Laura, u r a terrific teacher and we love you!!! Don’t beat yourself up!! Just relax and enjoy!! U can’t ever please all the people all the time, and we all make mistakes…..nobody’s perfect! 🙂

    I personally do all my classes on the fly, never pre-prepare, bring notes, or try to memorize. I just go w/whatever I’m feeling that day! Lol

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