Earth Day for Yogis: Five Ways to Green Your Practice

Happy Earth Day 2013! No, these aren’t new ideas, but I think they’re worth re-visiting. Leave a comment and tell me how YOU are celebrating! 


  1. Commit to a re-usable water bottle. Saves money, too. All kinds of safe and green options exist. If you don’t like aluminum, try glass- I know several people who love the Lifefactory, and I also think the bkr looks pretty awesome, don’t you?
  2. Make a green yoga mat choice. If you’re going to buy a new mat this year, consider going green. My two favorite companies are Jade and Manduka. Jade’s mats are all rubber, and they plant a tree for each mat you buy. Manduka also sells rubber mats in the eKO line. OR, their top-of-the-line PRO mat has a lifetime warranty, which means you won’t need more than one in this lifetime.
  3. Try biking or walking to class… or carpool. If you can’t bike or walk to class, or it’s just too hot in August, consider talking to some other students about a carpool option.
  4. Greener Cleaner. Use a natural cleaning solution for your mat. Locals, we make and sell a simple solution at geoYoga that works wonders, but you can also make your own if you’re feeling crafty. Here’s a recipe.
  5. Make educated decisions about your clothing. Consider a little research before you buy your next pair of pricey yoga pants. Is your company committed to sustainability? What kind of chemicals had to go into those pants to make them be “Wicking” or sun-proof? Some companies to consider: Be Present, Prancing Leopard, and PrAna. If you are going to pay a lot of a big name, at least be sure that your dollars are supporting the values you believe in. If you’re NOT wanting to pay much (who could blame you) I have had some luck with finding Green Apple Organic at my local TJ Maxx. Honestly, they’re not my favorites, but I do like the values and I have a friend who really does love them.

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