Laurasana Video: How to Sit For Yoga or Meditation

Sitting on the floor for yoga, meditation, or Lego-building can be a real pain in the …back. I’ve put together my first ever YouTube video to demonstrate how to use props to elevate your hips for more comfort and a happier low back.

What I did not add (and I wish that I had) is that it really doesn’t matter what your legs are doing. Crossed, extended, it’s all good. No need to sit in any kind of fancy Lotus pose.

Yes, it’s 7 minutes long. No, it didn’t really need to be. Cut me some slack, it’s my first time. 😉 Stan and Mo make some super-cute cameos.

9 thoughts on “Laurasana Video: How to Sit For Yoga or Meditation

  1. Laura you are too funny. I love your writing style. Yes I know I said that before. Whatever. PS – there’s something really comforting about the clickity-clack of furry creatures walking about…I wish mine did – he’s more of
    a silent furby.

    1. Thanks Vince! 🙂 It’s funny you mentioned the clickity-clack. I almost don’t hear it anymore- it’s such a part of the background of my life. On the other hand, sometimes there’s more barking than clicking, and in that case, a silent Furby would certainly be preferable!

  2. WOW! This is super and the dogs add so much to it. Especially when you “plopped on your butt” and Mo? Stan? Sat right in front of you facing away and in PERFECT POSTURE! The tutorial is excellent and the length of it also just right. Love your posts 🙂 Namaste my friend. Jann

  3. I hope this is the first of many HINTS to make yoga practice more comfortable and complete. Thank you for sharing your many talents…Chris

  4. My Friend,

    You are so informative, yet so funny, simultaneously, in your very first video. Your pups are an absolute hoot! PLEASE make many more videos in the future, as they are extremely useful and enjoyable.


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