My Big Brother: On the Gift of Compassion and Love

In the back of my closet, under a mountain of dust bunnies, there’s a packet of letters. Not, as you might imagine, letters from an old lover, or anything so romantic. These are letters that I wrote over 20 years ago to my older brother. I was in middle school, or high school, and he wasContinue reading “My Big Brother: On the Gift of Compassion and Love”

A Long Post About How I Made it to Yoga Despite Ridiculous Social Anxiety

Sunday (two days ago) I received a really nice email from geoYoga, the studio that I manage. It was an automated email (it would have to have been, since I didn’t send it to myself), but I liked it anyway. “Dear Laura,” it said, “It’s your anniversary with geoYoga!” How exciting. I love this kindContinue reading “A Long Post About How I Made it to Yoga Despite Ridiculous Social Anxiety”


Back from retreat and right into new duties as studio manager for geoYoga– on top of some other big changes. Things can be pretty scary sometimes, can’t they? However: I am encouraged by my students and friends, those I meet on the path, to be strong, to remember that all things are temporary, and thatContinue reading “Courage”

New Year’s Postcard from Retreat

Happy New Year, friends! It’s  January 1, 2013, and I couldn’t not write today. I’m on a silent Buddhist retreat in Northern Florida- it’s a sunny and breezy 60-degree sort of day- and I am out on a dock overlooking the St John’s River. A seagull is looking plumply at me. I am full ofContinue reading “New Year’s Postcard from Retreat”

Gratitude: The Universe Unfolds as it Should

The poet Kahlil Gibran suggests that we “wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” What a beautiful sentiment, and how far it is from my typical dawn, in which I wake with a stiff back, a chorus of barking Pomeranians, and a deep and cranky longing for aContinue reading “Gratitude: The Universe Unfolds as it Should”