born this way

One of my earliest yoga experiences was with a local man, who we’ll call Ed (why not) . Ed taught a Saturday morning donation (pay-what-you-can) class outside by the community pool at his condo. I’ve written before about how magical yoga felt to me in those early days– like falling in love, or coming home,Continue reading “born this way”

After Gym Class: Learning to Love Movement via Yoga

A few weeks ago, I read an article in the New York Times entitled “How You Felt About Gym Class May Impact Your Exercise Habits Today.”  This is something that feels so obvious to me I was kind of surprised that it merited an article, but then again, I think way more about my traumatic lifeContinue reading “After Gym Class: Learning to Love Movement via Yoga”

Finding Ease in Savasana: Prop It Up!

At the end of every yoga class, we lie down in Savasana- yoga’s “corpse pose.” In this final pose, we practice letting go and letting be.  Trusting that we’ve done enough, we release any sense of effort and give ourselves over to rest. Neurologically, this is a chance for our nervous system to absorb andContinue reading “Finding Ease in Savasana: Prop It Up!”

A Long Post About How I Made it to Yoga Despite Ridiculous Social Anxiety

Sunday (two days ago) I received a really nice email from geoYoga, the studio that I manage. It was an automated email (it would have to have been, since I didn’t send it to myself), but I liked it anyway. “Dear Laura,” it said, “It’s your anniversary with geoYoga!” How exciting. I love this kindContinue reading “A Long Post About How I Made it to Yoga Despite Ridiculous Social Anxiety”

Etiquette for the Yoga Studio

This post is for you if: You are new to yoga and want to be feel confident about your first visit You have been going to the yoga studio for ages and don’t “need” to read this article. Go ahead and read it anyway, and if you already know it all, then pat yourself onContinue reading “Etiquette for the Yoga Studio”