Saucha: Rediscovering Purity

This is the first of (probably) five posts about the niyamas, or moral restraints of yoga. You can get more information on the niyamas and their place in the eight limbs of yoga here.  Love, if it is love, never goes away. It is embedded in us, like seams of gold in the Earth, waiting for light, waiting toContinue reading “Saucha: Rediscovering Purity”

New Year’s Postcard from Retreat

Happy New Year, friends! It’s  January 1, 2013, and I couldn’t not write today. I’m on a silent Buddhist retreat in Northern Florida- it’s a sunny and breezy 60-degree sort of day- and I am out on a dock overlooking the St John’s River. A seagull is looking plumply at me. I am full ofContinue reading “New Year’s Postcard from Retreat”

Getting What You Need

You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need. -Rolling Stones Mick Jagger in Shoulder Stand. Info & other photos from 1972 tour.  I was probably 15 years old the first time I heard this Rolling Stones song. I remember it pretty clearly,Continue reading “Getting What You Need”

Gratitude: The Universe Unfolds as it Should

The poet Kahlil Gibran suggests that we “wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” What a beautiful sentiment, and how far it is from my typical dawn, in which I wake with a stiff back, a chorus of barking Pomeranians, and a deep and cranky longing for aContinue reading “Gratitude: The Universe Unfolds as it Should”

The Lion’s Roar! (In Which The Author Abandons Hope and Allows The Present Moment)

I have abandoned hope. Not to worry- I’m not despairing, and I’m not like, “giving up on life,” or anything like that. It’s just this: I’m forsaking hope, and its cousin, fear, and its nerdy cousin, obsessive planning (he wears a pocket protector, I think). You’re shaking your head. What’s wrong with hope? Don’t we wantContinue reading “The Lion’s Roar! (In Which The Author Abandons Hope and Allows The Present Moment)”

How To Celebrate Love Your Body Day 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 is  NOW (National Organization of Women’s) 15th annual “Love Your Body Day.” Didn’t know? That’s okay, I didn’t either, until a friend posted about it on Facebook. But I think it’s a fantastic idea and I am embracing it whole-heartedly. At the bottom of this post, I’m suggesting Five Ways ToContinue reading “How To Celebrate Love Your Body Day 2012”

Week #3, Yama #3: Asteya- You’re Stealing More Than You Think

And here we are with Asteya, the 3rd of Patanjali’s Yamas. In case you’d like a quick review, here’s #1- Ahimsa and here is #2, Satya (with a follow-up here). (Complete and total just random by-the-way: I can’t decide if I should be capitalizing these guys or not, so I’m sort of sticking with not-capitalizing themContinue reading “Week #3, Yama #3: Asteya- You’re Stealing More Than You Think”

Opportunity For Honesty- Politics, Satya, and Yoga (Follow-up to Satya Post 1)

This week’s post on Satya (seen here) was really hard to write. I actually had to take a nap in the middle of writing it. Not because I was tired- but because my body put up a defense mechanism: sleepiness in the face of stress! The fact is that I’m experiencing a problem with honestyContinue reading “Opportunity For Honesty- Politics, Satya, and Yoga (Follow-up to Satya Post 1)”

Satya Will Set Ya Free!

Have you ever told a white lie for what seemed like a good reason- and then got caught up in layer after layer of complication? Or found yourself talking with some friends about an acquaintance in a way that you knew was unkind- and then felt bad, after, when you saw that person? Have youContinue reading “Satya Will Set Ya Free!”