Ishvara Pranidhana: Your Practice Is Bigger Than the Size of Your Shorts

Ishvara Pranidhana is the last of the Niyamas, or moral “observances” of yoga (read more about Patanjali and the 8 limbs of yoga here). It translates sort of like, devotion to God, which is a little tricky for some folks (I’m a Buddhist, so I feel free to go ahead and take some liberties here, which I’ll talkContinue reading “Ishvara Pranidhana: Your Practice Is Bigger Than the Size of Your Shorts”

Tapas: I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire

So, if anyone was paying attention (I’m trying not to flatter myself unduly), you may have noticed that SIX MONTHS have gone by since I last visited the Niyamas. It was all gangbusters right up through Santosha, and then things sort of just petered out as I ran up against Tapas. Perhaps you are thinkingContinue reading “Tapas: I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire”

Enough is (Never?) Enough. Brahmacharya, Take 2

You’ll never believe it, but I had an actual real-life request from someone the other day to write about Brahmacharya (the law of yogic moderation). I felt, for one heady moment, as though I’d hit “the big time.” A blog request! For me! The idea that anyone was interested in hearing my blogged opinion aboutContinue reading “Enough is (Never?) Enough. Brahmacharya, Take 2”

Santosha- Happiness as Moral Obligation

So we arrive today at the second of the “moral restraints” of yoga, the niyamas. This one is Santosha, or contentment. For information on the first of the niyamas, click here. For more information on what all this is about anyway, click here.  I love this smiling picture of my beautiful friend Joy visiting NYC.Continue reading “Santosha- Happiness as Moral Obligation”

Saucha: Rediscovering Purity

This is the first of (probably) five posts about the niyamas, or moral restraints of yoga. You can get more information on the niyamas and their place in the eight limbs of yoga here.  Love, if it is love, never goes away. It is embedded in us, like seams of gold in the Earth, waiting for light, waiting toContinue reading “Saucha: Rediscovering Purity”

Learning to Let Go: Aparigraha in Action

What are you attached to? Family, and your friends. What about possessions- your car, your house- shoes, jewelry? Yoga pants? Perhaps you’re attached to your ideas- as a Democrat, or a Republican. Or your defined image of yourself as a certain person- yogi, Christian, vegetarian. What happens when the attachment is severed or threatened? AContinue reading “Learning to Let Go: Aparigraha in Action”

An Elegy For the Ants in my Car

I am murdering a colony of teeny tiny ants in my car. I’m not sure how it started. We always have ants around the house (it is Florida)- but I’m surprised that I managed to bring in enough to start a whole civilization. It was probably beneficial that there must be enough Nature Valley granolaContinue reading “An Elegy For the Ants in my Car”

Brahamacharya (Gesundheit!)

Brahmacharya, the fourth of the Yamas, is also the one that sounds most like a sneeze. ‘Bless You!’, you might think. Appropriate, I guess, since this term is sometimes translated as “Walking with God.” Bless you indeed! This is a tricky Yama. It is often (mis?)interpreted as celibacy (see this article “Life Without Sex?” onContinue reading “Brahamacharya (Gesundheit!)”

Week #3, Yama #3: Asteya- You’re Stealing More Than You Think

And here we are with Asteya, the 3rd of Patanjali’s Yamas. In case you’d like a quick review, here’s #1- Ahimsa and here is #2, Satya (with a follow-up here). (Complete and total just random by-the-way: I can’t decide if I should be capitalizing these guys or not, so I’m sort of sticking with not-capitalizing themContinue reading “Week #3, Yama #3: Asteya- You’re Stealing More Than You Think”

Opportunity For Honesty- Politics, Satya, and Yoga (Follow-up to Satya Post 1)

This week’s post on Satya (seen here) was really hard to write. I actually had to take a nap in the middle of writing it. Not because I was tired- but because my body put up a defense mechanism: sleepiness in the face of stress! The fact is that I’m experiencing a problem with honestyContinue reading “Opportunity For Honesty- Politics, Satya, and Yoga (Follow-up to Satya Post 1)”