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gada flow

The gada, or steel mace is a traditional training tool from India. Its unique offset weight engages the stabilizing muscles around the joints, increasing overall stability, core and rotational strength. This design makes it the perfect partner to yoga mat practice.  Gada Flow is a dynamic practice that combines the best of mindful yoga movement with functional strength and fitness. Options are provided for challenges at every level. 

mindful vinyasa

Cultivate awareness, strength, and mobility in a fun, body-positive environment. Each class builds on specific muscular actions, poses, or a functional movement  within the framework of a vinyasa yoga class. The pace allows for integration of body awareness, and real options for challenges are included at every level– instead of “just take child’s pose,” you’ll learn how to work with your body in variations that are right for you.

slow flow

This slower-paced class incorporates functional and flow movement, minimizes complex transitions and is designed to be more accessible than mindful vinyasa. You’re encouraged to explore your own optimal alignment as you improve strength and mobility. Resources for somatic awareness, mindfulness and nervous system regulation are included throughout the practice.


Enjoy a menu of functional stretching and restorative postures, using the support of bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps. Yin focuses more on stretch, while restorative is all about relaxation. YinRestorative blends the two styles. Meditation and somatic mindfulness techniques are taught throughout each practice, encouraging you to better understand and work with your unique system.

chair/gentle yoga

Chair yoga classes incorporate strength, mobility and mindfulness techniques, using the support of a chair and other props. Gentle yoga classes may use the support of a chair or other props, and include less movement than Slow Flow, but more movement than YinRestorative.

functional/mindful strength

These classes teach mindful strength, Postural Restoration and  Functional Range System mobility techniques, and other human movement skills. These can can be used on their own or to enhance your yoga or other movement practice. Some classes require equipment (such as a dumbbell, kettlebell, or mace), but most can be done with minimal or no equipment/props.


Laura teaches various meditation techniques, many of which are based on Tibetan Buddhist styles of meditation, calming the mind to access a stable and vivid awareness that is the very essence of our life experience.

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