embodied practitioner business coaching

one-on-one coaching for coaches, yoga teachers, personal trainers and other movement/somatic professionals who seek to better hold the whole person within a clear scope of practice.

When we work with the body, we’re engaging with the whole human.

As movement professionals, we know that we cannot separate our clients’ bodies from their mental/emotional/psychological experiences. While they may show up in our space to do physical work, we often find ourselves pulled to support them in deeper or more complex ways that can be difficult to navigate within our scope of practice. Our professional training may not have prepared us to understand or work with the unconscious emotional support our clients are craving. This can leave us feeling depleted, drained, and overwhelmed, living at the edge of burnout, yet it doesn’t have to. If we can make the unconscious conscious in our own bodies, we can work more skillfully with our clients and practices. We can feel inspired and connected to why we love what we do.

While working with Laura, I have been able to develop a new and more loving relationship with exercise and with my body. I have developed resources to support my body and nervous system with mindful strength, creative movement, and breath training. She has also helped me to find trust and strength within myself, to feel into embodied boundaries, and also navigate my scope of practice while working with clients. 
Jasmine Aldrich, SomaWell

Why Embodied Practitioner Coaching?

I’ve been a movement professional for over a decade and a studio owner for 7 years. Since my original yoga teacher training, I logged countless hours and certifications– but none of them talked about the deeper issues of working with humans, and how our own relational patterns and history can hold us back from thriving in our business.

Here are just a few of the things my trainings didn’t cover:

  • how to manage the blurry boundaries in professions that have no standardized ethical code
  • the ways in which the shadow side of being an empathetic, sensitive human show up in our business: codependent behavior, fawning and people-pleasing;
  • the importance of recognizing and honoring intuition and somatic responses when dealing with clients;
  • how money complexes show up in ourselves and others, and how not to feel awkward in dealing with it;
  • how to optimize scheduling to maximize client retention and avoid burnout;
  • how to screen clients for those that will leave you drained and empty;
  • that work can feel easy, joyful, and fun;
  • and (this was huge!)– how to identify and work with the co-transference that arises between all professionals and their clients.

If you’re feeling like things shouldn’t be this hard, you’re not alone– I know how lonely and confusing it can be to engage in this work, and how important it is to have support. Through Embodied Practitioner Coaching, I offer movement and somatic professionals a place to feel witnessed and validated in the same way we support clients; a time to share the emotional challenges that arise in working with other humans; and support and tools to expand their capacity, so they can feel joy and pleasure in their work.

are you ready for some support in running your practice?

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