gada flow

What is gada flow? The gada, or steel mace is a traditional weapon and training tool from India. Today, the steel mace is gaining popularity for strength and conditioning. Its unique offset weight engages the stabilizing muscles around the joints, increasing overall stability, core and rotational strength.

gada flow with laura

Because it works with opposing muscle groups, the steel mace is the perfect partner to traditional yoga practice. Familiar yoga poses feel very different when your muscles are working to stabilize the mace, and the mace will help you to strengthen in ways that a yoga practice cannot do on its own.

This special class combines the best of mindful yoga movement with functional fitness. Rather than a traditional yoga class, we are combining two disciplines into one dynamic practice.

the mace

If you’re practicing at home, you will need to invest in a steel mace (gada). We recommend set for set brand maces; they are high quality and the customer service is excellent.

If you are new to this kind of work (for example, if you typically practice yoga and do little else for strength training), I recommend beginning with a 7 pound mace. The next step up is a 10 pound mace, which is a decent weight to work with if you are more comfortable with the mechanics of weight training.

It is easy to make any weight feel heavier by engaging mindfully with it (pulling it apart, pushing it together). This is part of our training.

the benefits

•Increased proprioception (knowing where your body is in space) and motor skills

•Strength and stability in commonly under-used muscles

•Functional, stronger, more mobile shoulders and hips

•Focus and concentration as your brain gets a workout in new movement patterns

•Feel EMPOWERED as you tap into your own strength

the details

One of the best things about the mace, and gada flow, is that once you know a few basic movements, it’s easy to put together mini-flow sequences of your own– and it’s completely portable. You can practice online with Laura here.

are you ready to challenge yourself in a new way?