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strength, mobility, mindful movement & meditation: laura’s classes are inclusive, accessible, body-positive & trauma-informed. Students learn to reconnect to embodied wisdom at their own pace, so that they can find individual alignment and techniques that honor and respect each unique body.

strength, mobility, mindful movement and meditation: which practice is right for you?

gada flow

The gada, or steel mace is a traditional training tool from India. Ancient warriors used the gada as weapons; the Indian epic Mahabarata mentions various gadda-yuddha (mace-wielding) techniques, and the Hindu god Hanuman is often depicted holding his own gada.  Today, the steel mace is gaining popularity as an unconventional training tool for strength and conditioning. Its unique offset weight engages the stabilizing muscles around the joints, increasing overall stability, core and rotational strength. Because it works with opposing muscle groups, the steel mace is the perfect partner to traditional yoga asana practice. Students learn to engage and stabilize in familiar and new patterns while practicing mindful movement.  Rather than a traditional yoga class, we are we are combining two disciplines into one dynamic practice, combining the best of mindful yoga movement with functional fitness. Options are provided for challenges at every level. 

mindful vinyasa

Mindful vinyasa is an accessible, reasonably-paced, dynamic class that works to cultivate awareness and strength while improving range of motion in a fun, inclusive, body-positive environment.  Each class focuses on specific muscular actions, poses, or a functional movement, within the framework of a traditional vinyasa yoga class. Options are provided for challenges at every level, and students are taught to work skillfully with body and mind to create their own optimal alignment

slow flow

A slower-paced class incorporating functional and flow movement, this class minimizes complex transitions and is designed to be more accessible than mindful vinyasa. Students are encouraged to explore their own optimal alignment as they improve strength and mobility. Resources for somatic awareness, mindfulness and nervous system support are included throughout the practice.


Our most relaxing class, yinrestorative offers a menu of functional stretching and restorative postures, using the support of bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps. Meditation and somatic mindfulness techniques are taught throughout the practice, encouraging each student to better understand and work with their unique physiology and stress response.

chair/gentle yoga

Chair yoga classes incorporate strength, mobility and mindfulness techniques, using the support of a chair and other props. Gentle yoga classes may use the support of a chair or other props, and include less movement than Slow Flow, but more movement than YinRestorative.

In Laura Wenger I have found the perfect combination of creativity, compassion, acceptance and encouragement. She has helped me to create a 61 year old body that can move and stretch in ways never imagined.

JB, student

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