private classes with laura

one-on-one attention tailored to your needs in a safe, comfortable environment

Private lessons are an opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood in a way that group classes can’t give.

  • Do you want to move and feel better?
    Group classes are great, but they can’t take into account your individual needs and how to work with them. Whether you need a more active practice to burn off some tension, or a more restorative one to down-regulate your nervous system, each session can offer you just what your body and mind needs on that day. Meditation, mobility, or other movement can also be part of your practice with me as we find what works best for you.
  • Have you felt uncomfortable in group classes, or felt like the instructor wasn’t willing to accommodate your body?
    (I have!) I’ve invested years in training in yoga and movement for those of us who don’t fit in the norm. Your yoga practice is a place where you should feel able to be vulnerable, authentic, and free of judgment or rules about how you should look or feel. I am a body positivity advocate and trained in trauma-informed yoga and movement.
  • Chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression?
    I am a survivor of all of these! I teach practices (using breath, body and mind) to help recover our innate wholeness, settling from the dysregulation associated with experiences related to trauma, stress and anxiety. We all deserve to thrive, and to feel strong, durable, and able to react well to the circumstances of our lives. Learning to leverage our own nervous system response to feel better in our bodies is a wonderful gift. At the same time, I acknowledge that systemic oppression can impact our bodies’ abilities to feel safe and resourced. Please note that my services are not a replacement for medication or therapy but may be done in conjunction with your current program.
  • Want to get stronger?
    Many of us who are drawn to yoga are naturally more mobile than we are stable, myself included. Our sessions can include work with the steel mace or other non-traditional modalities. Learning to stabilize yourself from within is not just empowering, it’s life-changing. You won’t believe what your body can do!

ready to schedule a free consultation?

I am available for private lessons in the Stuart, FL area and surrounding areas, at your home or business, or in my studio space. Read more about me here.

“It’s exactly what’s been missing from my life. You’ve made me realize how strong I still am despite chronic pain and depression and being told that I’m weak.”

-Ann, client