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“The body is merely the visibility of the soul, the psyche; and the soul is the psychological experience of the body. So it is really one and the same thing.-CG Jung

I work one-on-one with clients, online or at my studio in Stuart, Florida, to help support them in their goals. My client-centered approach incorporates a variety of tools and techniques, but it’s the attuned connection between us where the magic really happens.

I help my clients get “unstuck” in their bodies, their therapeutic work, and their lives.

Whether it’s our natural human asymmetries, patterns of stress, body armoring, or the long-held effects of trauma on our body, each of us is “stuck” in our own patterns. I incorporate Postural Restoration and other intuitive modalities to help folks unwind and address these patterns, including breath strategies that can keep us stuck in cycles of stress. Not only can this help address chronic aches and pains, but it gives the whole system a greater sense of stability and support, unlocking the potential for more ease and greater movement potential. Many of my clients also experience breakthroughs and new insights in their mental health therapeutic sessions through our work together. Talk therapy concepts become a lived, felt experience as the brain makes new connections and correlations through movement and embodiment practices.

“The feeling function tells us whether something is right for us or not. Unfortunately, many of us have long ago lost contact with this resource and even deliberately override its directives in order to be productive.”

-James Hollis, The Swamplands of the Soul

Creating a more conscious relationship with the body is the doorway to greater meaning in our lives.

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Many of my clients are recovering from debilitating injuries, chronic pain, or the wounds of trauma. Dissociating or disconnecting from our bodies can be a necessary and important part of survival, but it can also leave us cut off from a sense of vitality and purpose. It’s not enough to simply heal the body or provide tools to work with our trauma. We must also find our way back to our sense of purpose and meaning; we need to rekindle our inner spark.

Learning to reconnect to your somatic experience– to be aware of how your body is speaking to you– is the key to finding our way back to our intuitive selves. My trauma-friendly methods give clients a safe way to start to feel into their bodies, so that they can reconnect to their sense of purpose, meaning, and inspiration.

We don’t so much solve our problems as we outgrow them. We add capacities and experiences that eventually make us bigger than the problems.

-CG Jung

My clients get stronger, but more importantly, they learn to experience their own power.

Mindful strength begins with establishing core containment, so that you feel your own sense of internal support. By adding in strength training in a titrated way, each client gets to create a new relationship with their own sense of power and their capacity for challenge. We strengthen the muscles that hold us with dignity in our lives; we explore embodied boundaries; we rewrite old narratives about what we can and cannot do.

Throughout the process, I work with you to address the body-based impacts of stress and trauma as we train your nervous system to pendulate naturally between cycles of activation and recovery. You’ll learn how to recognize and shift out of patterns of freeze, fawn, and hypervigilance. We’ll work together to establish a greater sense of safety and ease in your body.

This is depth work.

The work my clients do is more than just personal training, private yoga sessions, or corrective exercise.

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It’s an exploration of the ways in which our bodies hold both narratives and experiences that our conscious mind may not have been able to process;

a means to reclaim the parts of ourselves that we’ve had to repress, reject, deny or leave behind;

a recognition of the ways in which our unconscious is always trying to move us toward wholeness;

a recovery of vitality, joy and a sense of being completely, authentically oneself in the body.

“Like a lot of folks, I have a lot of trauma in my body. I have high anxiety levels. I’ve got various injuries and health challenges with my body that stop me at times from being able to work, exercise or walk even. Laura helps me find a way through and find strength, hope, ease and peace.

Sabira Jade, private client
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